Ibiza Series

The latest ‘Ibiza’ series finds its birthplace on this Spanish island where everyone can be themselves. Ibiza is a land with a fascinating mix of different people; fur-clad hippies, turquoise waters with silver waves, white sand beaches and majestic rocks, blue skies, the smell of oranges, olives and oleander, flame-coloured sunsets and music. All these elements are blended into Jacqueline’s work in a colourful play of lines that take you on an inevitable adventure. This play of lines represents for Jacqueline the stepping stones of life, life’s path. Alongside the play of lines there are often a range of materials which constitute a reference to Mother Earth – the earth’s path that we walk over – a piece of nature that represents the source of everything. “Sitting on grey rocks, watching the sun setting, full of wonder for the beauty of nature and watching a colourful mix of people all enjoying island life. This for me is what is represented by the interplay of coloured lines in the Ibiza series.” “Each path is different”, a reflection of life itself. At the same time it is the harmony, music and joy of the Ibizan people that is reflected in the colours and patterns on the canvas. “I then bring in a layer of resin which strengthens the colours and irradiates a glow that represents many people’s perception of Ibiza”. Beyond the layers, you will experience the essence of life on the island and be brought on a journey into its nature and culture. “If you look carefully enough, you will see it”.

“For me, painting is a fantastic occupation: a journey through time and life experiences. Painting is the fulfilment of my dreams and the ultimate freedom of expression. The feeling of steering without a compass!”

¡Viva la vida!


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