“Steering without a compass””

“I consider painting as a dialogue between me and the materials I work with. It is feeling your way through an adventure. Considering and weighing up, taking away and adding, painting layer by layer, and adding nuances every time. My work is all about feelings, and whilst I’m creating I allow myself to be led by my subconscious. I work with acrylics and oil paints, lead, plaster, handmade paper from Nepal, aluminium foil, sand, natural pigments and resin. I deliberately incorporate natural sand from different countries and cultures into my canvases. Many things grow, happen and live on sand and in this way each painting has its own story and experience that forms an intrinsic part of it.
There is nothing better than standing still and absorbing the beauty of the different countries and cultures that surround us. The signs, lines and symbols that you will find in my canvasses all tell a story. They refer back to earlier life experiences, or towards future paths. I like to take the viewer “away” from the canvas, to take them on a journey beyond what they are actually seeing. This is also why I love working with abstract. Figurative work dates too quickly for my liking.”


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